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mu' HaqwI' development stopped sometime in 1997. The following history was written in mid-1998.

Weeeeell, I started writing mu' HaqwI' to compensate for my overwhelming laziness when it comes to learning vocabulary. So, obviously, the first version was the Mac version. What came after that is a bit muddled, since my memory isn't that good when it comes to remembering what happened a year ago. I hope I got it right.

  • Mac/1.0: This is where it all started.
  • Unix/1.0: Later I isolated the actual analyzer code and made a text-only version.
  • Mac/1.1: Added the suffix order and compound noun options as suggested by Alan Anderson alias ghunchu'wI'.
  • Volker Tanger alias QIb yabHuj developed the initial CGI-Bin version, building on Unix/1.0.
  • Unix/1.1: Updated the text version with the new options. Incorporated improvements made by Volker for the CGI-Bin version.
  • CGI-Bin/1.3: Rewrote some of Volker's code and added the new options.
  • DOS/1.1: I finally got round to compiling Unix/1.1 for DOS (and Win32 Console, but I dropped that later on).
  • Win32/1.1 "Preview": After an attempt by Mauro "naghQuch" Reis I decided I could as well do a Windows version myself. Win32/1.1 Preview was a kind of beta-version.
  • I finally updated the vocabulary with the KLI's new word list. This made the thing longer than 2000 words and suddenly I had a problem - all previous versions of mu' HaqwI' had a limit of 2000 words compiled in. So I had to update them all:
  • Mac/1.5: Increased the limit. Split the dictionary into separate Klingon to English and English to Klingon modes. K to E mode now able to tell 'q' from 'Q'.
  • Win32/1.5: Dito. Plus a better interface, using sizable column headers.
  • Unix/1.5, DOS/1.5: Incorporated the same changes (word limit and improved dictionary).
  • OS/2 /1.5: Peter Schüller compiled the text version for OS/2.
  • Scott Bigham discovered a bug with rover suffixes and the suffix order option. I'm currently updating all versions to 1.6, fixing that bug.
  • MacOS/1.6: The first version with the 'rover' bug fixed. Also fixes a cosmetical bug reported by Nathan H. Mauk.
  • Unix/1.6, DOS/1.6, Win32/1.6, OS/2 /1.6: More bug-fix releases.
  • CGI-Bin/1.6: Brought up to date with the other versions. Now comes with three complete HTML examples.
  • Updated the vocabulary with the current versions of the KLI's word list and Jarno's name list.


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