Personal Stuff

Hi! In real life, I am known as Christoph Pfisterer. I'm 33 years old and currently live in Zürich, Switzerland. I work at Google as a Site Reliability Engineer. I was born in Stuttgart, Germany, and spent large parts of my life there. I got a Computer Science degree from Universität Stuttgart.

I confess: I am a geek. Here's my geek code:

Version: 3.12
GCS/S d- s+:- a C++$ ULX++++(++) P+++ L++
E W++ N o? K? w O-- M++ V- PS+ PE- Y+ PGP+
t+++ 5+ X+ R tv-- b++ DI+ D++ G+ e+++ h r y+

I like hiking in the Swiss mountains, and I enjoy many kinds of dancing. Oh, and of course the geeky things, like computers, Star Trek, or going to the movies.

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