Present and Past Projects

Here's a list of the software projects I have participated in.

Current Projects

... is a boot menu and maintenance toolkit for EFI-based machines like the Intel Macs. It provides easy access to the EFI environment and serves as a hook for pre-boot applications. [website]

File System Wrapper (FSW)
... somehow grew out of the ext2 file system driver I wrote for the EFI environment as part of the rEFIt project. The idea is to write read-only drivers for several common file systems using an abstraction layer that allows easy porting to different operating systems or boot loaders. The code is still maintained in the rEFIt repository: [repository]

Monitor Mode
... is a simple play-through application for video input devices. I wrote it to use my iMac G4 as the monitor for my test PC using an Epiphan VGA2USB device. Also works with iSights and possibly other devices. [website]

... is a project that strives to improve the Mac OS X bundle system. It aims to ease distribution, installation and automatic updating of applications. [website]

... is a build tool that aims to replace the complete make / autoconf / libtool / automake toolchain with a single, consistent tool. [website]

Cracks of Reality
... is a fractal image rendering application for Mac OS X. Its focus is on high quality rendering of images to be used as desktop background pictures. [website]

... is a less work-alike for Mac OS X, written in Cocoa. When used from the command line, it allows you to read man pages and other lengthy output from command line tools in a separate window, without blocking the shell window. [website]

... can tell you the format of a disk or disk image by looking at its contents. Many common file system types and partitioning schemes are recognized. This is a Unix command line tool for now, but written with portability and a future GUI in mind. [website]

... is a tool to measure practical data throughput between two machines over a TCP connection. It runs on most Unix-like systems and supports both IPv4 and IPv6 where the underlying system does. It is also intended as an example for Unix socket programming and includes a reusable IPv6 API compatibility layer. [website]

Past Projects

... is a website dedicated to smartphones based on the UIQ platform, like the Sony Ericsson P800. The site features articles on various topics and a software directory. [website]

... is a network kernel extension for Mac OS X that allows you to run VPN and tunneling programs that use the de-facto standard tun interface. The driver was ported to Mac OS X by Stefan Arentz; I took over maintenance in April 2002. [more info]

... is a distribution of Unix software ported to Mac OS X. I started the project in December 2000 and left the project in November 2001 after learning about the unthankfulness of people the hard way. [website]

... is something like a subproject of XFree86. The team maintains the Darwin and Mac OS X ports of XFree86, which are now part of the standard XFree86 distribution. The team is led by Torrey Lyons. I contributed shared library building support and some other minor fixes. [website]

The Macintosh Klingon Localization Project
... wanted to create Klingon internationalization files for Mac OS (actually called System 7 at that time). Unfortunately the project was terminated after some months because of Paramount's restrictive copyright policy.

Abandoned Software Projects

These projects have been abandoned and are no longer maintained, so don't ask for new versions or updates. If you ask kindly, I might release the source code under an Open Source license.

mu' HaqwI'
... is a program which analyzes words of the Klingon language for their components, suffixes, prefixes etc. It also serves as a dictionary. It is available for a number of platforms. By the way, the name mu' HaqwI' translates as "word surgeon". [website]

... is a UUCP implementation for Mac OS (Classic). It supports serial connections as well as arbitrary Communication Toolbox plug-ins. You can get it from Info-Mac mirrors.

Universal Unpack
... is a drag and drop unpacker for news batches, also for Mac OS (Classic). It recognizes batches compressed with gzip or compress as well as uncompressed batches and makes them suitable for processing by ToadNews. It can be used directly as an external decompressor for ToadNews. Universal Unpack is a kind of a spinoff from MacUCP – with Universal Unpack you can receive gzip-compressed news batches on your Mac even if you don't use MacUCP. The one and only version released is 1.0.

... is a Mac OS (Classic) program that lets you compute Mandelbrot fractals using the combined computing power of several Macs on an AppleTalk network. Of course it may be used on single machines too, but it was especially designed for network use. The last version released is 1.3.1, you can get it from Info-Mac mirrors.

... is a little Mac OS (Classic) application that calculates Star Trek stardates according to the definition by Andrew Main. The one and only version released is 1.0.

... is a program that converts images between different file formats. It was originally written on the ATARI ST and later ported to Mac OS (Classic).

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