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About mu' HaqwI'

mu' HaqwI' (translation: "word surgeon") is a free program which analyzes words of the Klingon language for their components, suffixes, prefixes etc. It is also a dictionary and the GUI version comes with some handy charts built in. If you can't imagine what that means, try the CGI version of mu' HaqwI' right here and now - use the form below on this page.

Klingon is the language of the Klingons, an alien warrior people that appears on the Star Trek TV shows and movies. Paramount actually hired linguist Marc Okrand back in the 1980s to give the Klingons a real language. The grammar and vocabulary are documented in the book "The Klingon Dictionary." You can learn more about Klingon at the Klingon Language Institute website.


Matthew Burke has ported mu' HaqwI' to the Palm platform. You can download it from his page.


Check it out! Here you can try the CGI version of mu' HaqwI'. Live and in color.

Operation:   Suffix Order:   Compound Nouns:
Analyzer   Ignore   Disallow
Dictionary K->E   Complain   Allow
Dictionary E->K   Enforce    


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